Steinweg Marketplace

A unique solution that supports commodity trading and guarantees that all goods offered actually exist.

Access new opportunities
Steinweg Warehouse Customers have access to the Marketplace to post goods for sale. The ability to request goods to buy and other functionalities to follow in due course. Reach producers, traders and end consumers in the Steinweg network. 
Privacy and anonymity
Your identity will not be revealed until you enter into the negotiation phase with a Buyer/Seller.  You can choose to show your identity earlier,  but this is your decision.
Chat and negotiate
Message counterparties about Deals on the marketplace. 
Negotiate by making formal offers directly inside of the chat.  
Release instructions
Information from the Marketplace will automatically populate your instruction of choice i.e. Transfer of Ownership, Conditional Release or Warehouse Warrant. This removes the need for manual data entry.
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