Steinweg Marketplace

A unique solution that supports commodity trading and guarantees that all goods offered actually exist.

Access new opportunities
Steinweg Warehouse Customers have access to the Marketplace to post goods for sale. The ability to request goods to buy and other functionalities to follow in due course. Reach producers, traders and end consumers in the Steinweg network. 
Privacy and anonymity
Your identity will not be revealed until you enter into the negotiation phase with a Buyer/Seller.  You can choose to show your identity earlier,  but this is your decision.
Chat and negotiate
Message counterparties about Deals on the marketplace. 
Negotiate by making formal offers directly inside of the chat.  
Release instructions
Information from the Marketplace will automatically populate your instruction of choice i.e. Transfer of Ownership, Conditional Release or Warehouse Warrant. This removes the need for manual data entry.

Frequently asked questions

How does Steinweg guarantee that the goods exist?

Only goods that are in a C. Steinweg Warehouse are available to be posted on the Steinweg Marketplace. After the goods have been posted to the Steinweg Marketplace, the status of these goods will change from Available to Reserved, meaning they cannot be used by another colleague, or instruction until this Deal is completed or withdrawn.

What commodities are supported on the Steinweg Marketplace?

Currently only Metals are supported on our Marketplace, with the intention to expand to other commmodities in the near future.

Can I post Deals annonymously?

Yes. You can post Deals without revealing your identity. Before an offer is made, you will need to reveal your identity.

What fees do you charge?

At this moment we do not charge any fees to post, negotiate or conclude a Deal through Steinweg Online. We provide the Steinweg Marketplace as a meeting place for our network of global customers. Instructions for Transfers of Ownership, Conditional Releases, Warehouse Warrants or Receipts still incur a fee, which is charged by the Warehouse.

Does Steinweg provide a contract for Deals transacted on the Steinweg Marketplace?

No. Steinweg is not involved in any of the contract negotiations. This needs to be agreed between the two parties.

Is Steinweg involved in the financial settlement?

No, we are not involved. This is to be agreed and carried out between the two parties.

My inventory is financed, does my Financing Bank need to be on Steinweg Online as well?

No, your Financing Bank does not to be Steinweg Online for you to post the financed goods on the Marketplace. When a Deal is complete, your Financing Bank will need to send the chosen Instruction to the Warehouse for action. This can either be completed through Steinweg Online, or through your regular method i.e. email.

Who can join Steinweg Online?

Steinweg Online is open to all C. Steinweg Warehousing Customers. If you do not qualify under this criteria, please contact us for more information.

What additional services does Steinweg Online offer?

In addition to Marketplace services, Steinweg Online also offers:

  • Inventory: The ability to see your Inventory posititons within C. Steinweg Warehouses in real-time
  • Releases: The ability to create and send instructions to counterparties, as well as C. Steinweg Warehouses
  • eSignature: Approve/sign-off digital instructions
  • DigiSec Documents: The ability to scan the chip on a paper Warehouse Warrant to verify whether it was issued by a C. Steinweg Warehouse